Plateau is currently offering 3 ONENumber plans!

What plan works for you? ONENumber
Monthly Fees $17.95 $12.95 $9.95
Immediate Call Forwarding X X X
CommPortal Online Access X X X
Phone Directory Listing X X X
VoiceMail X X  
Anonymous Call Rejection X X  
Either SIM Ring or Find Me/ Follow Me X X  
Selective Call Forwarding X    
Selective Call Rejection X    
Do not Disturb X    


ONENumber Premium

The ability to be selective about the calls that are either forwarded or rejected is a main feature of the Premium plan.

Selective Call Forwarding gives you the ability to only forward calls from selected numbers that you list, while the rest of the calls go to voicemail.

For example, you can have calls forwarded from family members only if you choose. That way, only the calls you want to take are forwarded.

Selective Call Rejection allows you to block any incoming number you wish.

One example would be to block a telemarketer that repeatedly calls. You can now block this number, and the caller will hear a message "calls from you are not being accepted."

ONENumber Preferred

Two big features are included in the Preferred Plan: Voicemail and SIM Ring or Find Me/ Follow Me.

Voicemail can be managed from the web or via phone. You can even have voicemails forwarded to your email account as an audio file!

Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject calls that don't have a Caller ID identity. This is common practice for some Telemarketing firms.

Find/ Me Follow Me feature allows you ring a series of numbers in the order you define. With the SIM Ring feature enabled, you can ring several numbers at the same time. Whichever phone picks up first will get the call.

ONENumber Basic

ONENumber Basic is a entry level plan with basic features. It is designed for the customer that wants to forward their ONENumber to a single number such as their cell phone.

This would enable you to keep your cell phone number private. Allows you to manage your account online with Comportal Access. Voice mail is not a feature in this plan and you would need voicemail service from the forwarded number if desired.