Welcome to the Plateau ONENumber Portal!

With ONENumber, you can KEEP YOUR CURRENT HOME PHONE NUMBER and add some or all of these features:

  • ONENumber remains in the phone book and 411 directory.
  • ONENumber is the number you give out so you keep your cell phone numbers private.
  • ONENumber lets you direct incoming calls to up to 32 different numbers.
  • ONENumber gives you the ability to listen to voicemail via the¬†web or email.
  • ONENumber enables you to block anonymous calls and other calls you specify.
  • ONENumber allows you to keep your home phone number and SAVE MONEY!

Note: the Number field is your 10 digit phone number, without dashes or spaces. Also your password is case sensitive.

If you have login difficulties, please contact our Customer Care department at 1.800.432.2369