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How do I adjust the ONENumber Voicemail Timer?

By default, ONENumber Voicemail will answer a call in 15 seconds.  You can make this time larger or smaller depending on your needs.

For example, your cell phone voicemail might be set to go to its’ voicemail after 12 seconds.  If you had calls forwarded from your ONENumber to your cell phone, the cell phone voicemail would pick up before the ONENumber Voicemail. 

An option you have  would be to lower the time for ONENumber to pickup Voicemail to a value lower than the default 15 seconds.

Instead of lowering the ONENumber Voicemail answer time, you might need to increase the time it takes for Voicemail to answer the call.

In both cases, here’s how you change the timer:

  • From ONENumber portal, click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Clickthe “Preferences” tab, then change the “Voicemail Preferences” value as needed.

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Can I forward calls to a long distance number?   

Yes, you can use Call Forwarding to forward calls to a long distance number.

Be sure to enter 1 + the 10-digit phone number in your call forwarding list.  The number will not be accepted unless it includes a “1” in addition to the number.

One thing to note is that if you enter a long distance number in your call forwarding list, Long Distance charges will apply.

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Why does my Call Forwarding not show the Caller ID of the person calling?

When you set up Call Forwarding, if you're forwarding to a local number, be sure to enter only the 7-digit number.  When you enter 575+7-digits, the forwarded calls can sometimes show up as "Unknown."

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How do I auto forward all my voicemail messages to an Email address?

When voicemail messages are received, you can forward them to an email address in addition to accessing them on the ONENumber portal.  The message will be delivered as a “.wav” that you can listen to on your computer using a media player.

Follow these steps to set up this feature:

  • Click on the “Settings” tab
  • Click“Messaging,” click the check box, and enter an email address.

You can also forward individual emails this way:

Click on the “Messages & Calls” tab and follow these screenshots:

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When using call forwarding, why does my cellphone voicemail answer a call when I press the ignore button on my phone? 

When you press the ignore button on your cell phone, it takes over the call and immediately directs it to voice mail of the cell phone.  This behavior is similar to actually answering a call, so the ONENumber Call Forwarding routes this call through to your cell phone.   

Likewise, if your call is forwarded to a phone system number, the phone system will immediately take over call control.

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Immediate Call Forwarding

Immediate Call Forwarding allows you to forward all calls from your ONENumber to a phone number of your choice.

For ONENumber Basic, it is required that you have a forward to number, as this plan does not have Voicemail.

For ONENumber Preferred and Premium, if you do not have a value in the Call Forwarding field, Voicemail will answer the call.

Here’s where you change this setting:

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Selective Call Forwarding (ONENumber Premium Only)

Selective Call Forwarding allows you to program up to ten numbers that are forwarded to another number when they call you.

Your Selective Call Forwarding settings act before your Immediate Call Forwarding settings.

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Selective and Anonymous Call Rejection (Premium and Preferred)

Unwanted calls can be a serious problem. The services provided here help you to filter out these calls.

Selective Call Rejection (Premium) allows you to program up to ten numbers that are rejected when they call you. This is helpful to block a specific number, such as a Telemarketer that continuously calls.

When activated, callers matching your call rejection list will hear the message: “Calls are not being accepted from you at this time.”  You will not see these rejected calls in your Received Calls list.

Anonymous Call Rejection (Preferred and Premium) is a broader category that allows you to reject all calls where the caller withholds their number.  Callers must unblock their number and call you again when this service is activated.

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Do Not Disturb (Premium Only)  

Do Not Disturb (Premium) allows you to block all calls.

Callers will hear a recording: “Calls to this number are not being accepted at this time.”  You will not show any calls as being received while this feature is activated.

Here’s where to find this feature:

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SIM Ring and Find-me-follow-me (ONENumber Preferred and Premium)

SIM Ring and Find-me/Follow-me are two features that give you greater control over managing your ONENumber.  (note: Find-me / Follow-me is an enhanced version of SimRing).

 Whichever phone answers the ring first will take control of the call.  An example would be: “If the ONENumber is called, ring both my cell phone, and my spouse’s cell phone at the same time.”

SIM Ring can also be combined with selective call forwarding to have only the calls you want to receive.

Find-me-follow-meallows you to be easily contacted by ringing several numbers, such as your mobile, home phone and office extension, when someone calls you.

You can set up rules to control the numbers that are included and the order in which these numbers are called; you can have two or more numbers called at the same time.

Note that Find-me-follow-me is activated for a call only if the call is not rejected by any Call Rejection services and is not forwarded through Immediate or Selective Call Forwarding.

Here’s an Overview:

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